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Cruising Holidays Around the World

Want to see the world but in the comfort of one room rather than a different room each night – cruising can offer that and much more. [...]

Cruising holidays are best suited for families, travelling in large groups or wanting to indulge is sheer luxury on a honeymoon or a special occasion.

Today we can offer you various types of cruises that will suit your requirements.

Cruising with families or in a large group then the freestyle cruising offered by Royal Caribbean, NCL, Costas or Carnival etc. would suit you best. These cruise ship offer affordable cabins, flexibility in dining, dress code, kids clubs and a huge range of entertainments for all ages.

Luxury cruising suits those who are seeking more elegance, first class and personalised service, 5* accommodation with spas facilities, gourmet speciality restaurants with fine wines and exclusive VIP lounges. Luxury cruises offer a varied level of inclusivity in pricing and a much higher ratio of crew-to-passenger onboard.

One can expect exotic itineraries, different types of at-sea experiences - on yachts, riverboats and expedition vessels, adventure and active pursuits for those seeking such vacations.

Luxury Cruise lines such as Sileverseas, Seabourne, Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas and Cunard are some the cruise liners that will give you a once in a life time experience. Each cruise ship will have its own unique personality and will be more suited to one type of travellers than others.

Yacht lines like Sea Dream and Windstar may not offer the most spacious suites, but their intimate ships can stealthily visit ports that large ships can't.

We also offer Hurtigruten cruises that travel around the Norwegian fjords and to The Artic and Antarctica. These are working ships that offer reasonable standard of accommodation and meals but will give you an enthralling experience of these regions that no other cruise ships can. You can travel with them to see the Northern Lights or Mid Night Sun.

If the seas and large cruise ships are not for you we can the take you on a different cruising experience along many of the Rivers around the World.

River cruising is for those seeking more cultural experiences, smaller groups of travellers and much more relaxed travel.You can cruise along the Ganges & Brahmaputra in India, Mekong in Vietnam/Cambodia, Yangtze in China, Nile in Egypt, Danube & Rhine in Europe, Douro in Portugal/Spain, Amazon in Latin America and many others around the world.

We at Global Explorers can offer you cruising experience that will be suited to your requirements, group and budgets. Call us on +91 (265) 9727732344 or send us an email with your requirements.